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stud male

Photo of BUFFALO
PRICE: $1,000.00
IAR: 130280
Date of birth: 24/03/2010
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid Medium Fawn

very dense medium fawn male, originally purchased to improve our black fleeces, however proved that could not produce black, and therefore has only been mated to greys fora couple of years now. Surplus to our needs and offered for sale.


Contact details

Contact person: MELANIE & DALE BROWN
Email the seller
Phone number: 0458 302 845
Address: 2272 QUEENS PINCH RD
Herd health status: Unassessed

Fleece characteristics

2010-17.7u, 3.9sd, 99.9%cf.
2012- 19.8u, 4.5sd, 97.9%cf
2014- 26u, 5.9sd, 78.9%cf
2016- 26.3u, 5.5sd, 79.3%cf
2018 as above.
Photo of SPRINGFIELD PARK BUFFALO's fleece Files available: Histogram of SPRINGFIELD PARK BUFFALO's fleece

Event results

No results available in eAlpaca

Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Event results
OLD ROSEWOOD RUBY ROSE 211768 Huacaya Female 11/01/2016 SDF No event entry
OLD ROSEWOOD ZIGGY 211766 Huacaya Male 10/12/2014 SMF No event entry
RAVENSWOOD CANDY 241841 Huacaya Female 01/03/2020 MB/WT 1 in 202
RAVENSWOOD INACTIVE MALE M0017 Huacaya Inactive male 19/12/2016 SLB No event entry
RAVENSWOOD INACTIVE MALE M0102 08 Huacaya Wether 15/01/2016 SDF No event entry
RAVENSWOOD QUIVER 193124 Huacaya Female 24/02/2014 SDB No event entry
RAVENSWOOD SAHARA 193021 Huacaya Male 10/02/2014 SLB No event entry
RAVENSWOOD SAHARA 193121 Huacaya Wether 10/02/2014 SLB No event entry
RAVENSWOOD SIERRA 241837 Huacaya Female 26/11/2019 SMB No event entry
RAVENSWOOD STERLING 193120 Huacaya Male 17/01/2014 SBB No event entry
VISION APHRODITE 207979 Huacaya Female 15/12/2014 MG 7 in 202
VISION INTENSE 207976 Huacaya Male 24/11/2013 SMB No event entry
VISION INTENSITY 207978 Huacaya Male 07/11/2014 SLB No event entry
VISION THOR 221638 Huacaya Male 17/12/2016 LB/WT/RN 2 in 202
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