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Photo of ICON
PRICE: $1,500.00
IAR: 192027
Date of birth: 22/04/2012
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Medium Grey

Excellent even grey coloured working male, who has excellent fertility and produces a lot of grey progeny. We love this boy,, he is strong and reliable and has been a delight to own. Great fleece stats for his age, check his CV & a great staple length.


Contact details

Email the seller
Phone number: 0435 107 779
Address: 8 KENNEDY RD
Herd health status: Unassessed

Fleece characteristics

2020 Fleece Stats
Micron 28.9 SD 4.5 CV 15.5 CF 67.4

Event results

No results available in eAlpaca

Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Event results
ADARNI MARLBOROUGH 255062 Huacaya Male 15/12/2021 SBK No event entry
BARDELLA PARK SHALOM GUNPOWDER 242615 Huacaya Wether 15/02/2018 MG No event entry
GOLDVIEW PURE SASS 232114 Huacaya Female 18/02/2018 SDB No event entry
GREENWOOD CHEYE ETTA 192040 Huacaya Female 31/01/2019 SDB 2 in 204
GREENWOOD ELLIE MAY 192039 Huacaya Female 24/01/2019 MG No event entry
KEBUN BEDA 225645 Huacaya Female 03/04/2017 MG No event entry
LEMARLI TESS 252654 Huacaya Female 11/03/2020 SBK 1 in 204
LEMARLI TIAMO 252675 Huacaya Female 21/02/2020 RG 1 in 204
LEMARLI TRACEY 252655 Huacaya Female 01/04/2020 SBB No event entry
LEMARLI TWYLA 252657 Huacaya Female 03/04/2020 MG No event entry
LEMARLI UMA 252659 Huacaya Female 28/02/2021 MG No event entry
LEMARLI UMBRIELLE 252664 Huacaya Female 20/11/2021 SBK No event entry
LEMARLI VANCE 252672 Huacaya Male 08/09/2022 SMB No event entry
LEMARLI VANNA 252673 Huacaya Female 25/11/2022 SMB No event entry
LEMARLI VERA 252671 Huacaya Female 19/03/2022 BB No event entry
LEMARLI VILLANELLE 252667 Huacaya Female 10/03/2022 FWT/BK 2 in 204
MEREDITH MEADOWS PABLO 263334 Huacaya Male 01/10/2022 SBK No event entry
SHANBROOKE IDOL 228368 Huacaya Male 02/04/2016 RN 15 in 204
SHANBROOKE PRETTY PENNY 228358 Huacaya Female 23/03/2016 RG No event entry
WEDGETAIL RISE MACY GREY 238719 Huacaya Female 25/08/2019 MG 1 in 204
WEDGETAIL RISE SKYWALKER Huacaya Inactive male 25/11/2019 LG No event entry
YENAMINUT CANDICE 228431 Huacaya Female 10/12/2016 MG No event entry
YENAMINUT CONI 228456 Huacaya Female 08/01/2017 SWT No event entry
YENAMINUT EUROKA FARM ROXANNE 214624 Huacaya Female 02/01/2018 LG No event entry
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